on half dome in yosemite

‘Yosemite Lies’: It started as a campfire story

Since I announced the July 11 publication of Yosemite Lies, I’ve gotten some questions about the inspiration for my newest novel. It’s a story I’m happy to share. My first visit to the national park was in 2007 as part of a backcountry camping trip hosted by the Sierra Club. I’ve done a few of these excursions and never had a bad time – or met a bad person. Among the best people I’ve met through Sierra Club is my hiking buddy Fred, who was also on that trip. I can’t recall the specific routes our group took or how many miles we hiked. I can only say the experience was magical. 

After hearing me talk so much about the trip, my wife, Lori, and our friends Paul and Sarah set out with me on our own journey into the backcountry eight years later. This time I took careful notes, even as my imagination roamed. 

Fittingly, it was around campfire that the embers of what would become Yosemite Lies were stirred into a flame I nurtured for years before finally committing to the page. I hope you’ll agree with me that it was worth the wait. Join the adventure and order your copy on Amazon today. 

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