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Two women camping in the vastness of Yosemite National Park seek an escape from worldly troubles: disappointing job and love prospects for Kate, a pending divorce with a fortune at stake for Veronica. Yet menace stalks them from the outset. They cross paths with a handsome hiker with a mysterious past. Two strangers intrude on their isolated campsite. As the danger ratchets up, Kate and Veronica realize the secrets they’ve kept from each other may pose the greatest threat of all.

First Josey Angel Novel


From award-winning journalist and first-time novelist, Derek Catron comes to a historical Western and love story set on “the bloody Bozeman,” the trail that sparked the only Indian war that ended with the army’s defeat.

Second Josey Angel Novel


In the follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut, Trail Angel, award-winning journalist Derek Catron weaves a thrilling tale of three unforgettable characters: Josey Angel, a Union cavalryman struggling to set aside a violent past and make a life with the woman he loves; Annabelle Rutledge, a Southern war widow who came west to rebuild her family’s fortunes and found love but little peace...

Third Josey Angel Novel


When a rash of shocking raids threatens the hope for peace on the Bozeman Trail, Josey and Annabelle ride into the fray to seek an accord with the rising Sioux leader Crazy Horse. The wary Sioux pose but one threat; also lurking is a gunfighter who blames Josey for the death of his son in the war, and a scientist whose views of human origins are as disturbing as his hulking henchman and army of mercenaries. All forces converge in a bloody, fiery climax, where Josey and Annabelle will need more than their fast-firing rifles to protect those they love and solve a mystery that threatens to betray all their efforts.

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